Upgrading a Cisco Smart Care Server to the latest version

Today I found some wierd problem with the Cisco Smart Care Appliance server. This server is used for the smartnet contracts for infrastructure sites with more than 5 Cisco network equipment devices. Via a Tac Case I got the suggestion to upgrade the software which I did via the instruction I described below. Till number 6 is valid for upgrade the full instruction below is when you install the server for the first time.
Register” command will not be available until the appliance is not updated.
So first please update the appliance to the latest version that is 1.5.
Please follow the below mentioned steps to update the appliance :
1 ) Please type “UPDATE” command
2 ) Just press <Enter> key in the URL (NOTE: no need of any url)
3 ) Enter Username and password – your (Partners) CCO credentials
4 ) Then the latest version will be downloaded (This process will take some time).
5 ) Downloaded file will be installed and will go for an auto reboot once installation is complete.
6 ) After reboot please check version using “sh ver” command. Latest version is
7 ) Now the “register” command will be available and you can register the appliance.
Note : During the Registration process, you will see an option to give any name to the appliance, type any name you want.
8 ) Once the appliance is registered, you can Assign it.
9 ) Login to the smart care portal .
10) Under Administration > click on Assessment Appliances.
11) In the Right Pane, you will see Hardware Appliance (It will show in Unassigned and Disabled State), select the appliance and Click on Assign/Un-assign Tab.
12) Now scroll right to see the “view/edit” option and click on it.
13) “enable” the appliance from the drop down.
14) Click on Save.
To view the version of the server
15) login to the console ( SSH ) and type sh ver
16) on the smartcare webpage you have to refresh the information of the appliance assignment.

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