Multi-boot Windows 7 ( 2 times Windows 7 )

Yesterday I was a bit experimenting with a setup on a computer with Windows 7 it had to be a multi-boot. But unknown was which OS  should be installed. So I installed 2 times Windows 7 on One computer.
Probably you think. What that’s impossible but that isn’t. It’s really cool. What you have to do.. Install first the primer version for the First Windows 7 configuration. After you done this upgrade the windows 7 with all windows updates.
During the install creat a disk where you want to install the first installation. After the installation rename. the C:\ to [whatever you want to call it] and use windows updates to update your OS. When you have done this.. reboot the computer and start a second installation…
This installation should be installed on the partition that isn’t creat yet and can be used for the second OS. This installations will set the Second OS as primer version.. let the computer reboot so you could install the drivers / windows updates etc.
Rename the C:\ [ to what ever you want to name it ] but look at the D:\ you see that partition has the name of the first installation..
That’s a really cool feature……

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