About Fred

My name is Fred

My official name is totally different. My parents took Fred as part of my middle name Frederik.

The meaning of Frederik (Frederick) aka Fred:
The meaning of Fred is Peaceful ruler. Related to the German name Friedrich.

I prefer the name Fred over my official given name. I’m born on the 21st of may 1981, near the city of Arnhem, The Netherlands. In 2007 I moved to Tilburg area. Mid 2006 I found a job in Breda and upon the beginning of 2024 for Datamex Automatisering. On January 2nd Datamex integrated into Interstallar B.V. [Link]

During my school period begin 2000’s I got the option to start slowly but decent with maintaining a site. It was during my trainee ship at R & B Tools, Zutphen. I got the possibility to install for the first time a server and made the network from work-group to an domain. This was running for several years and eventually upgraded to server 2012. It was a part to get better with my knowledge in IT. It helped me to improve my skills.

Work things

My work function is System engineer / network engineer. I visit customers frequently and provide support to them. Mostly in the Netherlands, time to time abroad (Germany, Belgium, UK and France). I work for this company now for more then 10 years, and learned a lot and experienced many new interesting skills, which I am able to use in my daily work..

Passion for traveling and photography

In 2005 I traveled for the first time outside of Europe with my brother visited the USA and Canada.Years after were in Europe, but in 2009 I made the second approach to the USA. This time I visited not only the USA, but also Mexico.

I can say that I started to like traveling from this time and up to the current moment. I have seen over 30 countries and more counting, from this travels I like to share my stories and views on the countries. A few countries I’ve visited more then 2 times.

Countries which I have visited more then 2 times were Brazil, USA, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the UK. Germany and Belgium are so close it’s can look like backyard countries where you go frequently for nothing.

Slowly during the process, I developed a passion for photography. Architecture and nature photo’s I prefer the most. You can find some of these photo’s a back on the website.