Switch configuration for Trunk to ESX

I noticed from an installation which i made for trunking between a HP Procurve switch and some ESX servers. So after some weeks with issues I found a solution to get rid of Dropped TX packets.
The following you will need to configure on your Switch. ( i used a HP Procurve switch 4208GL )

interface D5
name “TRUNK-to-ESX”
interface D6
name “TRUNK-to-ESX”
interface D7
name “TRUNK-to-ESX”
interface D8
name “TRUNK-to-ESX”

As you see I used flow-control You need to configure this option first in the global configuration mode.
You need to create a trunk

trunk D5-D8 Trk2 Trunk

A VLAN configuration need to be changed.

vlan 1
untagged < un tagged interfaces > ,Trk2
ip address  < ip address >
no untagged < no untagged interfaces >

The trunk(s) needs to be added to the default VLAN
Further you have to configure Spanning-Tree on the switch for the Trk2 ( in this case )

spanning-tree Trk2 priority 4

After this change you will see no packets are dropped any more on this trunk.
In an other article i will describe the settings for the ESX server

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  1. Hi glazenbakje
    Thanks for that. I have this Problem too.
    I am waiting for the next part on the settings on ESX server

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