Cisco 897VA and Orange France compatibility issue

Yesterday I walked into a problem that the Cisco ISR 897VA was rebooted due to a power failure in the building. There was a preload update of the IOS software. The Software which was preloaded were: c800-universalk9-mz.SPA.156-2.T1.bin.

After the reboot, the router came up. but there was not a proper connection. After checking that the software failure went into an authentication failure. I supposed it should be something with the compatibility of the software on the Cisco Device and the hardware of Orange France.

The only solution, in this case, was to downgrade back to the following software version: c800-universalk9-mz.SPA.156-3.M7.bin

Perhaps Orange FR is able to solve this issue. As customers want to have their own network device instead of the live box.

Notification of the problem there was a Carrier detect, but there was no PPP authentication possibility.

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    1. The configuration was working prior the update but after an software update the communication between the cisco device and orange authentication servers didn’t work.

      there was a CD light green. but not PPP light which I was expecting.

      controller VDSL 0
      firmware filename flash:vdsl.bin-A2pv6C038k1

      interface ATM0
      no ip address
      no atm ilmi-keepalive
      pvc 8/35
      encapsulation aal5snap
      protocol ppp dialer
      dialer pool-member 1

      interface Dialer1
      ip address negotiated
      no ip redirects
      no ip unreachables
      no ip proxy-arp
      ip mtu 1492
      ip nat outside
      ip virtual-reassembly in
      encapsulation ppp
      dialer pool 1
      dialer-group 1
      ppp authentication chap callin
      ppp chap hostname
      ppp chap password no cdp enable

      just for the note there was no configuration change prior the update or after the upgrade was done.

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