A DIY update my home work-space

This post is not common to the other blog posts I made in the past. I took a little side path towards this post. Never the less I wanted to share what’s going on and this it might be also one of the reasons I didn’t post in the past month..

I’ve been renovating one room in the past month thinking what to do with it and also what I wanted to do. So In the end I painted the wall camouflage green. Which ended up perfectly. The floor I didn’t change. As I’m not a gamer, my computer setup wasn’t needed to be super fancy.

I am running a HP Prodesk 600 G1 SFF. Some people are like that’s an old system you should renew it.. It might be, as it works it works. Outside the general specs of this system. I’ve upgraded the system to 16GB and and SSD. This helps the system running smoother. Running Windows 10 Pro on it.

I’m using the system to do my administration work and write and update my website. I’m using now 1 screen but I am thinking to add a second screen for the convenient. The room isn’t finished yet but a second part should be coming soon.

Below the result of the first part of my DIY project in my home.

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