HPE Aruba update via CLI

In the last couple of weeks I noticed that there is a function on the HPE Aruba Switches to check automatically for updates. This function is fairly easy to use, but you need to be aware if you forgot to pay attention.

Read the following instructions careful:

This instruction is about an HPE Aruba switch 2530. Newer models may have the function available also.

Go with telnet or ssh to the switch.

interface vlan 1
ip address (manual or dhcp)

In case you have a manual IP address add the IP default-gateway command. to add a DNS server for dns lookups uses the following command.

 Ip dns server-address priority 1 <dns server address> 

To active the software update you need to add the following command:

activate software-update enable

To check if there is a software update you need to use the following command:

activate software-update check

You will receive a message like this:

A system software update is available to version YA.16.10.0002.
Use the 'activate software-update update' command to install the update.

You can now decide if you want to update the switch. Be aware there is downtime because with the following command the switch will reboot directly after update:

activate software-update update ?
  primary               Update primary software image using the Aruba Activate server.
  secondary             Update secondary software image using the Aruba Activate server.
 activate software-update update secondary
 This command will save the current configuration,
 update the selected software image, and reboot the
 system to the selected partition.
 Continue (y/n)?

After the update, the system will reboot.

The error message which is possible to receive:

Activate softwrae-update check
System softare update cannont be performed through activate as initial device identity certificate is no present

This error showed up with the software version: YA.16.06.00006
The switch, in particular, was an HPE Aruba 2530 – J9775A.

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