Scriptlogic logon report files can cause low diskspace

Today I figured out that Scriptlogic could cause some low diskspace. I figured this out due the program TreeSize, I saw that the folder USERS.
in C:Program Files(x86)ScriptlogicSLTRACEUSERS was more than 7GB.

After looking in the folder it contained report files since the installation of the server and network.
To get rid of these report files (when not needed any more) you can delete it.
Fastest way to delete these files is via the CLI.
Go to start > run > cmd (administrative mode)
Type on the command line: cd C:Program Files(x86)ScriptlogicSLTRACEUSERS

You wil go directly in the correct folder.
Use the command del *.htm to delete all *.htm files on the server. This will also clean out the login/logoff reports of the current day.
When you re-run Treesize, you will see that the foldersize shrunk to 0MB

This will save some low diskspace.

3 thoughts on “Scriptlogic logon report files can cause low diskspace”

  1. In Desktop Authority you can also disable advanced logging so that the log files aren’t stored here anymore.

  2. You can disable it totally. I saw that a computer trace could be set to x amount of days. with the user trace it’s not possible than just only to disable it all.

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