Netgear | Readydata 5200 | out of storage

Recently it happened to a customer where I go to time to time. That the storage of the Ready data 5200 was full. And we were not able to delete any of the files because there was no free space.

This is a horrible problem if you want to free up some space. Although the customer had a replication to a different Ready data device. Where I could enable ftp or SMB to save old data as backup before clearing the main device.

Here is a workaround what you can use to save your data before your system went out of space.

  1. Enable on the share second Ready data (SMB or FTP)
  2. Disable the replication on both Ready data’s to avoid issues.
  3. Move the data which need to be saved from the second Ready data
  4. Write down the important information of the first Ready data (ip address, share names, access ip addresses, etc.
  5. Factory reset the first Ready data after the reboot etc. configure this one again.
  6. Ensure you have the correct information do not enable replication yet.
  7. Make some backups to see if this works good again.ensure that the backup is configured that your server won’t be an issue again.
  8. If you saves you old data you can re-enable the replication

This is the only workaround solution which i could find because there was no snapshots to remove from the device. Unfortunately Netgear doesn’t have a proper solution for this because they save their configuration on the storage instead of a flash drive or nvram.

Maybe the new post can help to solve this problem easier:

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