Cisco ASA – SourceFire 5506-X | direct upgrade to latest build

In my previous post in april I figured out how to upgrade the software step by step. In the mean time I found out it’s possible to do this in once. You need to setup first some tools before you can start.

  1. Have a TFTP and a FTP Server
  2. TFTP server needs to contain the following file: asasfr-5500x-boot-6.2.0-2.img
  3. FTP server needs to contain the following file: asasfr-sys-6.2.0-362.pkg
  4. Upload the boot file to the cisco asa with the following command.
copy tftp://<ip address>/asasfr-5500x-boot-6.2.0-2.img disk0:

When you done this you need to shutdown the module.

sw-module module sfr shutdown
Shutdown module sft? [confirm]

With the command Show module sfr details you can see if the module is down or not. If it’s down you can uninstall the software.

sw-module module sfr uninstall

After the uninstall of the software you can reimage the module with the new software.

sw-module module sfr recover configure image disk0:/asasfr-5500x-boot-6.2.0-2.img
sw-module module sfr recover boot

With the command debug module you can follow the boot process this is recommended to do. When it’s finished you can connect to the sfr console. Admin/Admin123. You need to configure the sfr module first because you won’t have any connection to a network. after you done the configuration. you can execute the following command.

system install ftp://<ip address>/asasfr-sys-6.2.0-362.pkg

This installation takes a long time afterwards your need to reconfigure the sourcefire again.

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