HP Switching | Configure a Trunk between HP Switch A5120 to a HP Procurve 2626 Switch

Start first to configure the HP switch A5120 to do this you need to connect your computer with a console cable to the switch. And enter the systemview mode.

To rename the switch name you can use the command sysname

To configure an IP address on the default VLAN interface. (VLAN 1) use the command interface
vlaninterface 1

Use the command quit to exit the interface setup.
To enable the http web interface

To enable telnet on the switch

Set an admin account for the switch

Set a line vty 0 4 password

Enter save to save the configuration.
To make a trunk on the A5120 switch


interface bridge-aggregation 1
link-aggregation mode dynamic 
interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/23 
port link-aggregation group 1 
interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/24 
port link-aggregation group 1 
interface bridge-aggregation 1 
port link-type trunk 
port trunk permit vlan all 

HP Procurve 2626 configuration.
To get the trunk working between the A5120 and the HP Procurve 2626 you need to do the following on the HP Procurve 2626 switch

Make a trunk on equal port speeds for example 1000Mbits (1Gb/s) configure these ports as an LACP trunk
To be sure configured first spanning-tree otherwise your switch hangs. And you can only do something on the console..

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