How to add an Vmware Alarm for Host with Snapshot

How to add an Alarm for a Vmware host with a Snapshot

Explaination why you would setup an alarm for a host with a snapshot
You want to configure this alarm to reduce the chance to get in trouble that a LUN or Datastore get full of data due a snapshot of a virtual machine.
With this alarm you can take an action before there are getting troubles. It could happen that someone enables a snapshot on a virtual machine and forget it to turn it of and remove it.

1: First logon to the vSphere client > ESX Server or vCenter

2: Right click on the vCenter Cluster > Alarm > Add Alarm ( or CTRL+M )
3: Give the Alarm a name: VMware host with Snapshot [ text below is in Dutch ] and click on Triggers

4: Add a new Trigger ( by right click Add Trigger or the Add button )  

5: Select Vm Snapshot Size (GB)

I choose for the settings with 1 GB and 10 GB
6: Klik on Reporting on this tap I didn’t change anything and click on Actions.
7: Add a new Action ( by right click Add Action or via the Add button
Enter an email address. The actions once | Repeat | Once | Once is for how often the vCenter should send an email.
You will need also to configure a SMTP host in the vCenter otherwise you won’t receive email messages with the notifications.

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