Exchange 2013 | Won't pass the Readines Checks in a Windows server 2012 Essentials environment

When installing exchange 2013 in a Windows server 2012 Essentials environment. And it won’t pass the Readiness Checks.

Because the member you use is not a member of the following groups. (I used my Admin acount for installation)
Enterprise Admins (this group is not standard added to the admin user for Windows server 2012 essentials)
Domain Admins (this is the standard group where the admin user a member)
Organization Management role group (this is a group role which will beinstalled during Exchange installation)
Add the Admin user to the Enterprise admins group and reboot the server to login again with the correct security settings.

After this you can install exchange 2013 and it will continue.
Update 15-3-2013: picture active directory

2 thoughts on “Exchange 2013 | Won't pass the Readines Checks in a Windows server 2012 Essentials environment”

  1. No you can’t. 2012 Essentials is not an Exchange 2013 supported environment. You will get an error saying “An unsupported OS was detected”

    1. You can’t install it on a Windows server 2012 essential but you can install it in a Windows 2012 Essential environment. (On a dedicated Windows server 2012 Standard you can install it)
      I’ve tested this myself and found this issue.. When you install Windows server 2012 Essentials and you look down through the Dashboard of Essentials you get a wizard that connects your exchange 2013 to the dashboard / active directory of essentials 2012.

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