Cisco to HP | Connect a HP A5120 Switch to a Cisco SMB 302-8P

How to connect a HP A5120 switch to a Cisco Small Business Switch 302-8 ( SRW208-8p)
First the part of the cisco switch. In my configuration I had more than 1 vlan’s. I wanted that only vlan 1 to 3 are forwarded to the other switch. To do this you need to configure the following on the Cisco Switch:
Create a vlan database:

vlan database
vlan 2-3,10-11
interface vlan 1
 ip address
 no ip address dhcp

Standard the switches are auto negotiated on Access or Trunk. But in case you need you need to add the command: switchport mode trunk.

interface gigabitethernet2
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 2-3

HP A5120 Switch:
login to the switch. Go into the system-view mode. Add some vlan’s

vlan 1
 igmp-snooping enable
 vlan 2
 name Wi-Fi
 vlan 3
 name Management
interface Vlan-interface1
 ip address
 interface Vlan-interface2
 ip address
 dhcp relay server-select 0
 interface Vlan-interface3
 ip address
 dhcp select relay
 dhcp relay server-select 0

Configure the connected port to the Cisco Switch with a trunk. This is just a static trunk port. In a previous post I posted a trunk between 2 HP switches that one was with LACP.

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/7
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan 1 to 3

When you have configured this you can test this to configure on the cisco switch a separate port on a different VLAN for example VLAN 2 with an address and ping the switch ip address of that VLAN on the other switch.

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