Vmware Vsphere 6 | Vcenter password expiration

If you are installing VMware Vcenter 6 in your network and you want to set this policy to no expiration. In the VMware 5.5 you could have done this 2 ways like the way below or via the https://vcenter:5480.

2015-06-17 16_06_09-vSphere Web Client - Internet Explorer
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The default password lifetime is 90 days, but you can change this lifetime to never expire. To do this you need to edit this policy.
2015-06-17 16_06_25-vSphere Web Client - Internet Explorer
Change the maximum lifetime fomr 90 days to 0 days.
2015-06-17 16_06_49-vSphere Web Client - Internet Explorer
After changing the days to 0 click on OK
2015-06-17 16_07_07-vSphere Web Client - Internet Explorer
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After this change you will see that the password never expires.

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