Vmware upgrade 4 to 5 | Fully Quilified Domain Name cannot be resolved.

Today I upgraded for the X time a vmware esx 4 environment to esxi 5. With the installation of the vCenter server did I have the following warning.

This warning can occur when you don’t have a PTR record in the DNS of the vCenter Server. In this case I had a PTR in the DNS of the vCenter server. And still I got this message.
After ipconfig /registerdns to see if it worked, didn’t help. I had to look for an different solution.
The solution for this problem was. That I had to disable the ISCSI management interface.
In the red square was my connection with the ISCSI interface. ( in this example the ISCSI interface is the second one. ) But I noticed when  the ISCSI interface is the first network interface. Encounters to show the warning above. To resolve this problem you have to disable the ISCSI management interface for a while during upgrade of the vCenter. And you don’t have te warning again.

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