VMware Horizon Client and black screen docking

Recently I came across and issue where the user with an laptop was connected to a docking station. Using a VMware horizon client to a remote system. The system functioned normal without using the VMware horizon client. When the user set up a connection to the remote system with the client 2 of his screens wen into standby mode and his remote screen went to his local laptop system.

When the user connected the HDMI to his laptop there were no problems only when he connected the docking station, the problem occurred. After some research there was not issue related between the laptop and the docking station. The problem was within the VMware horizon client, starting the client the screens went on black and when you turned of the client the screens went back active while connected on the usb-c docking station.

In the VMware horizon client you can fined under USB Devices 2 options. Automatically Connect at Startup and Automatically Connect when inserted. Under these 2 settings you notice also that the DisplayLink ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A Dock is listed. When you enable of one of the 2 options of Automatically Connect the client will connect any of them into your session.

When you disable the settings the client doesn’t connect any of the devices listed below. Which resolves the issue of the 2 black screens when opening the VMware horizon client. The settings you choose will be kept and you won’t have the problem with the black screens.

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