VEEAM VBRCatalog Folder Size is growing big…

I found out today that the VEEAM Folder called VBR Catalog is growing fast This happend after the installation of VEEAM Backup & Recovery incl. the Enterprise Manager.
With Treesize I figured out that the Index Map was 34 GB large and still growing.

So logged in to the Backup & Recovery Enterprise Manager
Go to Configuration followed to the menu option Settings. Here you can change the Guest File system Catalog and teh Event history.

This is the way to reduce your disk space. Especially when you have a lot of virtual machines and some of those has a high data change during the day. Those virtual machines will wel growing with the Guest File system catalog. So you won’t want to run out of diskspace on your server with he VEEAM backup software due this setting.
Update 09-10-2012:
There is a manually way to do this too. You have to go to C:\VBRCatalog\Index\Machines\ and there you can delete per machine the log files manually without any problem.

3 thoughts on “VEEAM VBRCatalog Folder Size is growing big…”

  1. This is a long known problem in Veeam Software. At least since 6.1. And still there is no fix!
    And the retention settings do not have any impact in the old folders as they still remain there and keep getting more and more. Looks like manual/scripted deletion is the only safe way to clean this garbage out and safe vauleable disk space over the years.

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