VEEAM 6.0 | Error: "Oib already exists in point" while running a backup

Today I found an issue in the backup after upgrading to the newest version of VEEAM ( 6.0 ) On 1 server I got an error (the one below ).

16-2-2012 8:43:26 :: Error: Oib already exists in point
'id=d42de8d8-c6d4-4677-9f4e-90175e3dc872:type=Basic:alg=Syntethic:creation_time=16-2-2012 0:01:42'

To solve this issue you have 3 options. Explained below:
1: Easy solution: you remove the server which cause the error like above from the current backup job, and create a new one for the specific server. ( do a retry and see if the backup will work fine. )
2: Not the most practical solution: You remove the virtual machine from the VCenter Inventory and re-add it again to the inventory. ( note the server should be shutdown )
3: Create a new backup job like the old version.

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