Usernames has strange names in the NK2 Cache ( outlook 2003 / exchange 2010 )

Problem that in the former nk2 file ( outlook 2003 ) you see an username with a number afterwards. ( This problem occured ina windows 2008 R2 envoirement with exchange 2010 )
To solve this issue you need to execute the following steps.
First start the Powershell for exchange 2010. enter the command: get-mailbox <username id> | fl LagencyExcahngeDN

Start ADSIedit and go to Default Naming Context ( domain Controller )

1. DC = Domain name, DC=local
2. OU = MyBusiness ( location where you stored your users )
3. OU = Users
Search the correct user and press right mouse button. > Properties > Search for the LegancyExchangeDN

Edit the legancyExchangeDN rename the name the correct way by removing the numbers.
NOTE: when done this all other users has to remove the name of that person from the mail history. Otherwise they can’t email the person you’ve changed.

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  1. This is actually the same reason for EXMon ( Exchange Monitoring ) displaying weird values in the username field , thanks good way to
    You can actually use the NK2 and start typing this legacy username and it will resolve to the contact name

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