Syslog configuration Cisco Router in combination with Kiwi Syslog Daemon

What do you need to do when want to monitor you Cisco Router with Syslog. This possebility is available. Many people already knows how to configure this settings on their router en their network envoirement.
First you have to logon to you Cisco Router. And enter the Configuration modus.
Router#Configure Terminal
Use the following Commands:
logging count
logging buffered 16384 debugging
no logging rate-limit
Config Term
Logging On
Logging Facility Local7 ( or any other Facility you want to Allocate for This Router )
Logging < IP address of hostname of the machine running Kiwi Syslog Daemon >
Logging source-interface < the interface data leaves the router >
Logging Trap Informational
More information will follow

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