Stop Error 0x0000007B on Windows 2003 Small Business server

Today I experienced a strange behavior of Windows. Well it’s not that strange a Blue Screen of Death..
This little fellow below.

But the error which was created was not familiar with my knowledge. How ever after looking around a bit and trying with the setup disk of Windows 2003 SBS. I entered the Windows Recovery mode and ran CHKDSK /R to check the bad sectors / clusters. After this windows start to boot up again.
The issue what caused this was a software error earlier on the system ( which created a black screen of death ( with out text ) and a fully FREEZE of the system. The only option to shutdown the system was to hold the power button for some seconds. ( what they didn’t told me it happened earlier the day also ( no even earlier the day but during the weekend the problem occurred )
For more information how to get into the recovery mode look at the KB 314058 page of Microsoft:

2 thoughts on “Stop Error 0x0000007B on Windows 2003 Small Business server”

  1. this is because any software you have installed will be interrupted in between or more than one installation and these type of problem some times erase all of your data so don’t let it be easy.

  2. and one more thing i have lost one computer because of this blue dump. Its of many kind maybe it’s generated through bugs in your ram

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