SBS2011 | Install vmware tools during setup

How to install vmware tools during setup of vmware. Incase you used. the VMXNET3 network driver and the Paravirtual SCSI.
For the installation of the paravirtual driver you need to load a floppy drive image.
You can find these floppy drive image on the ESX data store folder / vmimages/floppies
2013-02-19 11_54_55-Browse Datastores


Select : pvscsi-windows2008.flp

select Load driver

During the isntallation you need to select the drive were to install the SBS on it. select the floppy drive > you well get 1 option to choose. Click on Next
Now you can select a disk drive which you configured for the installation.
During the setup you will notice that you don’t ahve a network interface. To check this you can press Shift+F10
A Command Line Interface will show up. type ipconfig.. No information will be shown.
type explorer.exe
A windows explorer window will show up. Edit your virtual machine settings like below.

In the windows explorer you will see that you can select the vmware tools installation.
Run the setup. how ever at the end DO NOT restart your system, but change the CD/DVD drive settings back to your SBS Installation DVD.

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