SBS 2008 Temporary move wsus contant to netwerk location

During an issue I found in a SBS 2008 running server where the free disk space was to short.  To resolve this issue before we could expand the disk drives, had i to find a solution. This solution is available with the local windows server 2008 SBS.
What do you need to have to do this.
1. A network location with enough free space for example a NAS solution.
2. You have to know where the local wsus content is situatated on the small business server

First you start the command prompt ( CMD )
go to C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools>

If you are in the current folder C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools>

Type wsusutil.exe movecontent \\<networklocation>\wsusshare\<foldername> \\<netwerklocation>\wsusshare\<foldername><lognam>.log -skipcopy

After you entered this command you have to wait and shouldn’t interrupt the command.

You will get a message:
Content location is being moved. Please do not stop this program.
Content move has successfully finished.

When this is finished you can synchronize a new synchronization but you will notice that wsus doesn’t respond sometimes. but you have to wait till the synchronization is finished.

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