Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2: Unable to install Service Pack 1 Fix

I think many people will think your still not running a windows 2008 server R2 with SP1. Well I found a server yesterday actually with out Service Pack 1. And I was not able to install this also. After some searching i figured out you have to do some steps to resolve the problem.
Go to the CMD In Administrator mode. Type net stop wuauserv

when you have done this it could be possible that this services won’t stop (it may be stay in the stopping mode)
When this happens you have to find to correct service in the TaskMgr. You have to kill this svhost.exe process (many other services will stop also but they will start fast again.)
As tip i can give you to open an second CMD window.
with the command ren Download Download.old in the C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution folder

After killing the process you need to hit on Enter directly so the folder Download renames to an other folder.
Stop the service BITS

After it stopped. you can start it again.

After you have done this run the System Readness Update Tool:
When you have done this. you can try to install Service Pack 1 of Windows 2008 server R2

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