Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 | Free up diskspace after installations

In this artice I write about freeing up diskspace after an installation of Exchagne 2007 or 2010 ( or it’s servicepacks ). It could happen that you are running out of space and you don’t what you could remove to free up some space.
If you are installing an exchange server you get performance logging files. Which are made during the installation (these are backup files of these counters.) To figure it out that these files are filling your disk space, you need to use a third party tool like TreeSize or you have to know where to find this folder. (Default installation location C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerLogginglodctr_backups (for Exchange 2007) and C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Logginglodctr_backups (for Exchange 2010))

In this example the files are not that much, but to see what you can do with this files (just delete it if you don’t use it)
Go to the folder location, Select al BAK Files and press delete or right mouse click and than delete.

Note 1: Exchange 2010 servers may have a bigger folder size (like 3.5GB)
Note 2: Folder location may be different in your situation.

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