Intune | How to upload new system without CSV?

I have tested the script Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo.ps1 with the -online option to see how it went, to upload the system information of a new system out of the box. In fact this procedure is pretty simple. And it’s useful in case you didn’t get a CSV file from the supplier where you bought the devices ( for some manufacures you need to pay for the intune information)

How to start with the information. Firstly you need to get the information to install the script on the new device to get the information.
Boot the system up until you get the Out of the Box Experience. Don’t continue there, press Shift+F10 a CMD prompt will come up.

Type in the command prompt PowerShell. PowerShell will be loaded in the screen.

When you have entered the powershell command line windows. Use the following command to install the Script for Windows AutoPilot Info

Command: Install-Script Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo
Follow the instructions on the Screen you need to give permission for all of the ( 3 times Yes)

You need to set the ExecutionPolicy to Unrestricted. Afther this command you can excute the main command to upload the system to AutoPilot / Intune

Type Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo.ps1 -Online
When you pressed enter the system will install Azure AD Powershell and followed by the Office 365 Login page.

You may need to wait for a moment that the login page will show up, enter the Global admin credentials.

When you entered the information the script will gather the information which is needed. Wait until the moment that the script is finished the import.

After the result of successfully import you can check the endpoint portal of microsoft to see the device registration.

I’ve tested it with a virtual box, but that one doesn’t give a serial number. If you use a Surface or other brand of even a Hyper-V system than it will show a serial number.
Assign the system to a policy which it needs for the specific company.

Reboot the system to followup the Out of the Box Experiance. Select a language / keyboard settings if needed and wait for the login screen.

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