HP – Netgear | Trunk configuration between and HP Procurve and a Netgear GSM7352

How to create a trunk between an HP Procurve switch and a Netgear GSM7352S. First I start on the Netgear switch. By going to the Tab: Switching > LAG.

Create a new LAG with a useful name/number id.

For the trunk it’s best to use the static mode, enable STP and set the Admin Mode to Enable.
For the hash mode set the LAG to “Src IP and Src TCP/UDP Port Fields”
Go to the HP switch for the configuration.

Press any key

In the default command line of the HP switch type configure terminal (or short conf t)

In the configure mode you need to create an trunk

Type trunk <number of ports> trk1 trunk

Show trunk to see which ports are in the Trunk
Connect the cables to each switch. On the Netgear switch you can see if the trunk is up and has 2 interfaces connected.

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