How to use Word 2007 for your Blog Entries

Not only can you have your Outlook 2007 pull your favorite RSS feeds directly into Outlook, you can also use Word 2007 to create and post blogs directly to your blog from your Word document…

“How do I get started?”, you may be thinking!

  • First you’ll want to open Word 2007. Once you have Word opened, simply click your “Office Button” and then click “New”.
  • Once you click new, you’ll be prompted do you want to create a new document or a new Blog. Select Blog.
  • Then you’ll need to register your Word 2007 with your blog. I use WordPress, so I simply chose “WordPress” in the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll be prompted for your Blog link, as well as your user name and password. Once you have typed this information in, your computer will be registered to publish directly to your blog. Images and all!

Try it out!

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