How to recreate a Public Folder Address List in Exchange 2010

Today I had to oppertunity to resolve an issue with public folders after an migration our exchange 2003 server was not really nice and had to be removed with adsiedit.msc the rude way to say. After we recreated a new exchange public folder and e moved the new information and calender information to the new created public folder. Was it time to resolve the issue with the already existing mailaddresses.
In the active directory under advanced view settings you get a new folder to see Microsoft Exchange System Objects. In this folder you see all the public folders with email addresses. After the upgrade from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010 we couldn’t update the public folder address list. because it was made on a Legancy Exchange server ( 2003 ).
I had to remove this old address list but it was a real big guess how to make an Public Folder address list after i deleted the one in the ESM.
below the steps you have to follow to recreate this Public Folder address list.

  • You delete the old address list of the public folders. via the gui.. ( this is the easiest way )
  • You have to open the powershell of exchange 2010
  • use the following in powershell
  • [PS] C:\Windows\system32>New-AddressList -Name “Public Folder” -RecipientFilter {(RecipientType -eq ‘PublicFolder’)}
    Name                    DisplayName          RecipientFilter
    —-                         ———–                   —————
    Public Folder        Public Folder          RecipientType -eq ‘PublicFolder’
    [PS] C:\Windows\system32>
    • After you did this in the powershell environment you have to go back to the ESM and go to the address list options in Organization Configuration > mailbox > address lists. click on Public Folders and use the right button to Apply immediately
    • if you have done this you could check in an outlook client at the address book to see if the public folder address list is filled with contact information. about public folders.

    2 thoughts on “How to recreate a Public Folder Address List in Exchange 2010”

    1. This worked for us:
      New-AddressList “Public Folders” -RecipientFilter { RecipientType -eq ‘PublicFolder’ }

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