How to activate demo license on a cisco router 880 series

If you have a cisco router 880 serie with an advsecurity license but you find out your unable to use some protocols which you like to use.
I found out that the cisco router 881w had an demo license of the advipsecurty license.

router#sh license feature
Feature name      Enforcement  Evaluation  Clear Allowed  Enabled
advipservices         yes         yes           yes         no
advsecurity           no          no            yes         yes

Which wasn’t actived. But your able to activate this license due the following command.

router#license boot module c880-data level ?
advipservices     advipservices level
advsecurity       advsecurity level

If you select the advipservices you will need to reboot the router. after the reboot the advipservices is activate now you have time to buy the correct license SL-880-AIS (upgrade option) [ Cisco 880 Advanced IP Services Image Feature License ]
You can download either also a demo license via the following link you need a CCO account to get the demo license.
If you have the correct license actived than you will see the following output

router#sh license feature
Feature name      Enforcement  Evaluation  Clear Allowed  Enabled
advipservices         yes         yes          yes          yes
advsecurity           no          no           yes          no

Now you have to restart the router and your new license should be activated.

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