How is the day that you can’t have a normal day?

I write normally on this website about tech-related subjects which I find during my work as a System/Network Engineer, on a daily basis.

As we all know since November 2019 humanity is suffering from a virus. What it caused it’s not sure, I don’t know it. All that I know that I’m living in a country who is not fully locked down like some other European countries. We focus on ourselves what’s best to us how to handle. Like other countries do the same to their inhabitants.

Sadly but true people start looking to other counties and start to complain about what they should do. Those people shouldn’t look to others they should take care of themself as they are located may be in a region which suffers the hardest. I’m pretty easy and following up what is request, but sometimes you need to express yourself.

I’m Currently in luck to be able to work from home, communicate with colleagues through teams. Share information, and try to help customers as best as we are able remotely.

Unfortunately, not all people have this luck and we need to respect the people who work for us to take care of the health.

Stay at home/inside restrictions are in my opinion good if people follow up. However, humans are also stupid on the otherwise. They want to go out, see their relatives. It’s difficult but manageable. Of course, I haven’t been all the time inside, went for a walk as early as possible so fewer people on the streets, but don’t make travel plans. I haven’t seen for example my partner and close family members for over a month. It’s difficult in a time you want to be together.

In the situation towards my partner is that we were in progress to get the Long term visa in the Netherlands as my partner is non-EU-resident. The government of the Netherlands cancelled the appointment to receiving the sticker for the Long term visa so she would be able to travel to the Netherlands and live with me. Due to this situation, we need to wait until the moment it’s possible again to apply for the appointment. We are one of many others who are in the same situation at the moment.

We talked already frequently via video call and now we try to do it even more. We can see from 2 different countries 2 different measurements towards the combat of this virus. Wait and see it’s more what we can do and hope none of us gets sick.

Towards my other family, it’s more difficult in this case. My dad is suffering from the battle against cancer and is weak in health. Only my mum is able to see him and maybe my brother helpt time to time if they need something. As he lives closer to them. Living in the province which had the most people suffering from the virus it’s not the best idea to visit relatives who have a weak immunity system at the moment. I can’t tell if I had the virus already or not. it’s been approx 4 weeks ago that I’ve been sick, but it could have been a normal fever also. As my colleagues were affected by some cold sign issues around that week.

In my case, I stayed at home for approx a week before I went back to work. Who will tell what it has been as I didn’t call the doctor so fast, I will not know. Now I’m feeling fine, Unable to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. However, I can sit some time in my garden to get fresh air and keep the airflow going into the house. Trying to keep away from others as far as possible, but not that far you won’t be able to see them.

Nowadays while working at home, I’m starting earlier to work, but it happens also that I do more than expected. As a normal working day is 8 hours. I currently make more hours. It seems unfair to request the overtime I work at the moment. I hope that when the whole virus episode is over getting some more easy and more research time to do. Currently, with the remote working, we seemed to be busier with end-users then before. it’s good for business, but it can damage the customer experience also. Some customers are aware of the busy times at the moment and the limit resources which are available to pick-up the phone at the office. The best we do is the best we can offer to help the customer at that moment.

We all experience the same issue and flexibility problems, but we need to deal with it and hope we can have a normal life again. In this time we live we would take care of each, take care of yourself and don’t be selfish to think it’s rubbish. We should be thankful we didn’t end up in a world war yet because of this. It could have been an option with the reaction of some political leaders.

We see due to this pandemic other effects on nature. in these weeks/months depending on how it goes nature has some free games to play. We see blue skies which were normally covered in plane contrails. Which are less now to none now. Time to time rain won’t be bad to give the plants and flowers water in the garden.

How will this affect the environment?

I can’t tell, people will see what this caused on the environment. Keep in mind it can be totally different, in a few months. Humanity will always complain, it’s not only like the moment of now.

The world needs us safe it and we need the world to safe us.

Take care look out for yourself and others.

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