Enable Webmarshal Proxy on IP Authentication [ video ]

I created a video today about how to enable IP authentication for M86 webmarshal. So users can access the web without using their username and password, but just only their machine.
The video contains also a configuration about a display page to confirm that you going to access the internet and that they are monitored.
A written explanation below.
First step start up the Webmarshal console. Go to > Policy Elements > User Groups > Standard users. Open this folder

Create a new IP Address Group

Give the Group a Name and enter your IP range you are using and click on OK

Next you get the question below if you are sure you want to create it click on YES

When you have added the group correctly you will see a view like below.

If this is correct “commit your configuration changes”

When you have done this you could enable the Global Company policy to let the users know they are entering the internet and they could be monitored.

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