Configure a Cisco Router for Bridge usage

Below a configuration of a cisco router in bridge mode the pvc is used for a Dutch ISP 
service timestamps debug datetime msec localtime
service timestamps log datetime msec localtime
service password-encryption
hostname < Router Naam >
logging buffered 51200 warnings
no logging rate-limit
enable secret < The Password >
aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local
aaa authentication ppp default local
aaa authorization network default local
aaa session-id common
resource policy
clock timezone GMT+1 1
clock summer-time GMT+1 recurring last Sun Mar 2:00 last Sun Oct 3:00
no ip source-route
no ip routing
no ip cef
ip domain name < domein naam >
no ip ips sdf builtin
username <username> password < password >
no crypto isakmp enable
bridge irb
interface BRI0
 no ip address
 encapsulation hdlc
 no ip route-cache
interface ATM0
 description < line description >
 no ip address
 no ip route-cache
 no atm ilmi-keepalive
 pvc 0/35
  encapsulation aal5snap
 dsl operating-mode auto
 bridge-group 10
interface FastEthernet0
interface FastEthernet1
interface FastEthernet2
interface FastEthernet3
interface Vlan1
 no ip address
 no ip route-cache
 bridge-group 10
 hold-queue 100 out
no ip http server
no ip http secure-server
no cdp run
bridge 10 protocol ieee
banner motd #
          |               |                                 
         |||             |||                                
       .|||||.         .|||||.                              
    .:|||||||||:. . .:|||||||||:.                           
      C i s c o     S y s t e m s                             
This system is restricted to authorized users for legitimate
purposes and is subject to audit. The unauthorized access,
use or modification of computer systems or the data contained
therein or in transit to/from, may be illegal.
line con 0
 exec-timeout 120 0
 password < password >
 no modem enable
line aux 0
line vty 0 4
 exec-timeout 120 0
 privilege level 15
 password < Password >
 transport input telnet ssh
scheduler max-task-time 5000
webvpn context Default_context
 ssl authenticate verify all
 no inservice

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