Cisco Router High CPU Usage notification

Some may experience that their router couple be run on full load ( cpu usage for serveral seconds / minutes )
Below you see a command applet which i found on the blog Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks

resource policy

policy HighGlobalCPU global


cpu total

critical rising 95 falling 70 interval 10

major rising 75 falling 50 interval 10




user global HighGlobalCPU

event manager applet ReportHighCPU

event resource policy “HighGlobalCPU”

action 1.0 cli command “show process cpu sorted 1min | exclude 0.00”

action 1.1 info type routername

action 2.0 mail server “<exchangeserver>” to “administrator@<domainname>” from “info_Cisco_Router<type>@<domainname>” subject “CPU @ $_resource_current_value” body “$_cli_result”

So when the router has a high cpu usage. you will get notified with an email like below.

Email Log Message High CPU Usage Cisco Router
Email Log Message High CPU Usage Cisco Router

Origin: Cisco IOS hints and Tricks

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