Cisco IOS Router 88x Serie License instalation / Activation.. using the CLI

Cisco IOS Router 88x Series License installation / Activation..
License Installation Using the CLI
First copy this license to the router’s flash memory using the copy command and a TFTP server.

881GW-demo#copy tftp flash
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename []? 881GW-adv-IP.lic
Destination filename [881GW-adv-IP.lic]?
Accessing tftp://…
Loading 881GW-adv-IP.lic from (via Vlan1): !

[OK – 1193 bytes]
1193 bytes copied in 0.424 secs (2814 bytes/sec)

881GW-demo#license install flash:881
881GW-demo#license install flash:881GW-adv-IP.lic

Installing licenses from “flash:881GW-adv-IP.lic”


1/1 licenses were successfully installed
0/1 licenses were existing licenses
0/1 licenses were failed to install

*Jun 5 04:43:12.247: %IOS_LICENSE_IMAGE_APPLICATION-6-LICENSE_LEVEL: Module name = c880-data Next reboot level = advipservices and License = advipservices
*Jun 5 04:43:12.355: %LICENSE-6-INSTALL: Feature advipservices 1.0 was installed in this device. UDI=CISCO881GW-GN-A-K9:FHK115224EP; StoreIndex=0:Primary License Storage
******** To enable the Adv. IP feature license, reload the platform *********

Do you want to reload the internal AP ? [yes/no]: yes
Do you want to save the configuration of the AP? [yes/no]: yes
Proceed with reload? [confirm]

Additional Information

The procedure above you can use also remote from an other location. Use FTP to upload the new license.. and after the reboot the new feature set will be activated.

4 thoughts on “Cisco IOS Router 88x Serie License instalation / Activation.. using the CLI”

  1. Manuel Marani

    i bought an 887va-w-e-k9 but it’s still in box. Now i’m using 877w since 3/4 years, (i had 827 and 837) this license activation from cisco it’s a mess. My 887va use Advanced Security 15.0(1)M, if i wish upload with tftp the 15.1.4M4, is necessary the procedure of activation? If I must have a regular smartnet contract to manage all the ios software update i sell the cisco 887va without open the box 🙁

    1. If you upload a new IOS you don’t have to reactivate the license 🙂
      You can update your IOS without to do the procedure again. Only when your device is new and have the wrong license 🙂

      1. Manuel Marani

        thx for the reply!!! nice news from u… i was thinking to sell it as sealed in box without opening 🙂 in the week end i’ll setup the cisco887va… Its’ new so i think the activation is done in the flash. I’ll pray because my 877 works with 46db attenuation@6,8 Mbit who knows if the 887va will work better than 877… i still have some doubt! But we’ll see it 🙂

  2. Thanks for another useful web website. Where else may I get that sort of information coded in such an perfect means? I’ve a undertaking that I am basically now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for similarly information.

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