Cisco Configuration Professional Tool

I would like to explain about the Cisco Configuration Professional Tool. This is what you can say a really upgraded version of a Cisco Configuration Assistant aswell the former SDM software what you found on Cisco routers.

With this configuration tool specially designed for the minor Cisco Router 28xx and up routers will work even for the lite Small Business Routers Cisco 87x / 88x /89x / 18xx series.
I am using it now for couple of weeks and I am really impressed with this tool. Especially if I want to configure the Cisco SSL VPN on a Cisco 2821 ISR or Cisco 877 router it will help a lot. Instead of configuring it from the CLI.
The Cisco configuration professional is available in to variants. A router bases flash CCP express and a standalone for the computer CCP ( with the voice module )

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I would suggest to experiment with the tool… The tool works under windows up to Windows 7 ( i run this OS version ) and then you will need to start the program in administrative mode. otherwise you aren’t able to use the program

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