Cisco ASA License gone after memory and flash upgrade how-to-recover

Today I upgraded a Cisco ASA 5505 from 256MB memory to 512MB and 128MB Flash to 256MB Flash. After the upgrade the cisco asa forgot the configuration (not that bad, because I had a configuration backup), however after I uploaded the startup-configuration and than I saw the following output.

Well I was thinking what is happening!!
I looked in the “show version” command and saw the message below:

The Cisco ASA was back to it’s base License.. Before the memory upgrade I had the security license. So how to recover the security license on you cisco asa.
I looked up in an old configuration where I had done the “show version” command. This is a good advice to do make always a copy of your show version or save the Running Activation key in your documentation.
Use the command in the configuration terminal mode: activation-key copy/past the activation key from the old saved configuration ( show version )

After this you have to reboot the Cisco ASA. During the boot process you see that the license is activate.

Take your advantage > save the startup-configuration and the show version output.

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