One day fly

I’ve been two times to China, how ever I has been two times a layover. One time in Shanghai and the other time in Beijing. On this page I’m going to write about the one day in Beijing.

Because in this huge city I’ve spend more time, 11 hours layover was more then enough to see the main important sights. I’ve met my friend Meng and she showed me around. Local known tour guide who was on holiday too.

From the airport we went directly to the main sight within Beijing. We started at the Tiananmen Square, from there we entered the forbidden city towards north.

We crossed the street to the following park Jingshan Park. We walked in this park and I made about some music older people were singing and making. but that was normal music on the square you were hearing propaganda music. I was confused, nevertheless it looked a bit on the music I heard 2 weeks before at the border with North Korea, in the DMZ area.

From the Jingshan Park we walked toward a different park Beihai Park that is located within a lake there is also a small hill which you can hike up and have a view over the park and surroundings.

On that day it was pretty polluted and you could notice it when you were walking around. Beside the polluted air it was very humid and hot that day.

We had to eat and drink something local. So local Chinese beer and food. Not a hand crushed turtle which was on the menu . But normal other Chinese food.

At the night I had the flight back to Amsterdam. I missed the take of as I was super tired.