In 2012 visited I Chile. It wasn’t he first choice to go.m, but when I saw the option to go from Mendoza I took the chance to go.

Shortly I bought my bus ticket to Santiago. The bus trip took 7 hours with a border crossing at 3000mtr altitude. It was colder then expected.

Me in my shorts and border control in their winter outfit. Weird combination, but I don’t care.

In Santiago arrive I have to go to the hostel. I booked in the end a crappy one with a complainer. And some Israeli girls. The earthquake instruction and volcanoes instructions where interesting to read.

I visited also a day to vino Del Mar and Valparaiso. Colorful towns near the beach.
In the end I stayed 5 days and regret I don’t visit Easter island when I saw the option.

Someday I will return back to Chile.