I’ve been multiple times to Brazil already. One place I came back in every trip but the rest of the trips were different. North/south east only the west and amazon area I have not been.

São Paulo

This has been the city where I’ve been the most times in Brazil. It was the first and last city I’ve visited there when I came the first time and left the last time. São Paulo is a big diverse city. How ever you need to take care on what you do but this is in every big city. I am lucky I have good friends living and lived there. So they could instruct me where and where not to go. In general you can spend a week in the city but I won’t recommend it. Stay max 5 days and leave explorer other parts of Brazil.

Basically all bus and plane connections come to São Paulo in the end. So you don’t have to worry that much only the bus station can be tricky there are multiple ones in São Paulo. When you arrive in Brazil it will be most of the time São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Unless you take TAP airlines then you can fly to different location in Brazil directly.

For do Iguaçu & Bonito

This is one of the location you should visit. The waterfalls are massive and breathtaking. You can visit also the Argentina site which brings you closer to the waterfalls. But the Brazilian side gives you the best view over the area. Recommended to visit for a few days. After the visit of the waterfalls, I traveled to bonito a town in the pantanal almost amazon area but not completely

Also nice to go but it can be busy there.

South East Brazil

Started in Florianopolis is a city in an island nice located and a popular destination if you like to surf. When going around with public transport you need to know how it works there were back then multiple colors and every color went to a different place. In the end it was easy to navigate. From here you can go ether south or north. I took the north route. Via Blumenau south German looking city which has been started by a German back in the days. From blumenau to Joinville and then to Curitiba.

North – Northeast Brazil

In 2014 I visited the North and Northeast, I started in São Luiz it was a warm visit for me. how ever in the end i was a bit disappointment. it’s an unesco listed country and back then the historical architecture wasn’t maintained very well. This was just sad. After São Luiz I visited Teresina. for a few days and from there I traveled with a friend to Jericoacoara a very nice beach town. located in the dunes and not so suitable to get to only by buggy or bus which goes not that often.

It’s a pleasant place to stay for some days. You have some activities which you can do during those days. it will give you a relaxing feeling. After Jericoacoara I traveled to Natal stayed there for 2 days or 3 days more less. had an activity to Pipa.

Like most of my South American trips a bus broke down, it’s an adventure not a leisure trip..

Rio de Janeiro

From the North I traveled to Rio. Rio was the most questioned question i had over the past years. In my first 2 trips I didn’t visit this city. That was for most people a surprise, because it would be the first visited city on your list in Brazil what they think. Not on my list, it was almost on the bottom. Nevertheless it’s nice to visit if there is nice weather.

I visited there the famous Christos statue in the fog. How awesome is that to have a places visited and the weather is like showing the big finger to you.