The visit to Bolivia was in 2016 not a planned visit. I planned to travel with a friend and an other friend of my friend in Peru. How ever we traveled together less then a week. And split up. they decied to go for a hike in the mountains and I decided to move on.

I booked a bus trip from Cuzco to Pino and then to Bolivia. The first time that I got into Bolivia was Copacabana. Not the nice beach resorts and less dressed people. But on a high altitude country. Bolivia, around 3000 meters high a big lake. I stayed due the trip only a few hours there before moving on to La Paz.

La Paz is the biggest city in Bolivia, it’s not the capital of Bolivia, but the government is located in this city. 3100mtrs high. In La Paz I met some great people. And walked around, how ever the food wasn’t really my thing in Bolivia. I don’t know why maybe it was also due the fact i felt not good at that time due food issues in Peru.

From La Paz I took a night bus to Uyuni. The salt lake area for a crazy day trip. How ever it was the best trip I had in Bolivia. After Uyuni I went back to La Paz. The day that I arrived in La Paz, I went on the death road trip cycling for a full day.

Death road cycling is a recommended activity to do when you are in La Paz, more then 2 hours down hill cycling. In pretty warm weather and to small cloths (I’m 1.95m tall), it’s a good workout especially when it’s far above sea level.

I liked it the group was small so no long waiting’s and we were fast… top speed I measured was 70km/h. that’s ridiculous fast on a mountain bike which is not made for that.