Technically I visited Argentina 3 times, however I visited Argentina in 1 trip 2 time so I would count that as 1 visit. Back in 2011 I visited Argentina for the first time. Visiting the waterfalls of Iguazu. Which are amazing in the topic destination Canada I will tell why.

That was a one day trip back then but I wanted to see more. So I decided a year later I visit Argentina again, Starbucks ing from Buenos Aires.
In Buenos Aires I stayed longer then planned because I made a mistake with the holidays Easter. All the Argentinians are running away to the mountains or any other place better then home.

So I wanted to visit Bariloche first, but decided to change my plan and go straight to Mendoza. The wine valley of Argentina, it was maybe a mistake not sure why I think it was a mistake but I felt bored there.I decided to hop in a bus to Santiago (Chile). After Chile I came back to Argentina and visited Córdoba. Stayed there some days before heading back to Iguazu.