The return of the attic.

I’m busy for a while with my Attic. Improving it since a few months with painting. But now it’s time to make it more into an own designed area. The attic is now simple and seems like a storage place.

This is true at the moment, but I want to change it. Into something nice and cozy. Especially ugly pipes I would like out of sight. Al through one big place it’s not possible due it’s location.  So this is the only object which will be like how it is at the moment.

The big change will be happening in the design of a closet for storage so this is out of sight and the pipes for the floor heating in a corner near the stairs.

When this is done the next attic project will start. I’m thinking for the next project a window in the roof for extra light. And also to make the attic an additional room, which can be used in the future.

I’m living her almost now for 3 years and slowly I’m making different removing the neutral color white. ))

Changing you style is normal they speed is different for each other. The one goes fast the other goes slow. If you have money you can speed it up if you don’t have the money you need to take the time for it. ..