Attic update.. DIY

This project is already for some time on my mind, but I didn't have the idea. How it was going to be. Now i have a design in my mind and I started with the basics of my closet. ground setup Since I've finished my painting. I started with a new pro ...


The return of the attic.

I'm busy for a while with my Attic. Improving it since a few months with painting. But now it's time to make it more into an own designed area. The attic is now simple and seems like a storage place. This is true at the moment, but I want to change i ...


Changes happening all the time

In the last few days I'm quite busy with my website. I am changing my site to a new setup which I like. how ever it takes time and I want to comply to some standards for myself. The website has a minimal design. Plain but simple. It might happen in the f ...