Hobbit town

New Zealand

The idea to visit New Zealand was a long time wish. Begin 2013 I took the opportunity to take the advantage to travel in 2013 and 2014. The last two weeks of 2013 and the first two weeks of 2014.

The trip was amazing. Long time preparation to go find a rental car to move around the country.

North island

I started in Auckland where I stayed just a short period of time. Before moving to waitomo where I wanted to visit the caves and the glow worms.

Some kind of water activity I choose to do. Which was fun and interesting.

From there I moved to the south in the direction of Wellington. First I made a stop in Whanganui. Because the drive to Wellington was a bit to far to do it in one leg.

I was traveling for the first 2 weeks with someone else. In wellington I we stayed a few days before heading the the South Island. I Wellington I had some nice crafted beers and visited the national museum about New Zealand history.

On the north island i visited Napier a Deco art styled city. Sadly the hostel had bed bugs at that time (Januari 2014) worst you can’t get I think on your trip. From Napier i drove to Rotorua. A city / town where you can find geysers and smelly puts. but i past Taupo which is located close the a large lake and you can do here some extreme sports.

From Rotorua I drove to Tauranga is went via Matamata. also known as Hobbiton (lord of the rings movies and the hobbit was made here)

South Island

First visit was the Abel Tasman National Park, I went to do a hike. How ever this walk took almost a full day of seeing nice beaches and nature.. It was a good time to spend just before Christmas. From this area we took a ride to Arthur’s Pass. A nice mountain area where we slept and had a fire to keep the place warm.

From Arthur’s pass we drove towards Queenstown. We spend the time in the middle of nowhere. but okay. it was just a stop because on Christmas we would arrive in Queenstown. BBQ near the water good times.

Near Queenstown i went ofr a hike where also parts of the lord of the Rings were shot. Spending Christmas here was some weird experiences. how ever many people from around the world were here and had the same experience far from home.

After Queenstown I traveled on boxing day (2nd Christmas day) towards the famous fjords down south. Milford Sounds, I took here a boot trip through the fjords and it was and beautiful and great experience. From the Milford Sounds i went more south on the south Island, I traveled towards Invercargill a Scottish sounding city, i visited there a historical beach Oreti Beach.

Oreti Beach is the place where Burt Munro practiced riding the Indian motorbike before he went to Utah to break some records. On this beach you were allowed to drive with your car (January 2014)

Dunedin was the next city I passed. I stayed in this city 2 nights. The hostel had a reference towards the Harry Potter movies. It was called Hogwarts, I was suggested this hostel by some friendly hitchhikers.

In Dunedin you have the steepest street of the country I don’t walk up but saw this street which was scary to walk up down was the best option to take a bike.

I wanted to see the Pinguins who live close to the city but I was unlucky. Due the weather I couldn’t see much. So after some battle with local sheeps i got back to the car and drove back to the hostel and keep it simple that day.

The day after I went towards Christchurch at that time damaged by nature’s massive shakes (earthquakes) I spent there new year. Before heading back to the north island.
I was planning to see some whales but after i saw a vehicle with broken windows I was like, not worth to get all my stuff stolen here. So I moved on to Blenheim where I spend the night