Moving on…


I’ve been changing my site in the past weeks.  I found a design and changing it some bit more and upgrading the site to a new level. Some days ago i messed it up really and had to do a fresh start.


The tech-blog is a site I started in 2008. Time passed and now days I’m posting less blogs on my tech-blog. Due the fact i’m busy with other subjects and haven’t found any good subjects to post on my blog.

I’m thinking to combine my tech-blog site and this website together.

Choosing a perfect theme is a challenge. trying time to time one to see if it’s perfect for you. In combination with some plugins I manage a design.
The site is currently in English and maybe in the future I’ll add Dutch to the site for the translations for my native language.

Information about me, my trips and later on technical writings what I figured out during my work.

Following my site for updates.

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