It’s been a while.

It’s a while ago I posted a blog on my site. Many things happened and being busy with other subjects. Work related as well traveling within Europe. Soon I will go on a trip again, but hopefully I can combine it with updating my website / blog.

I’ve changed my thought what to do with my site. Writing about my travels or showing my photographs which I made during my trips. Also the thought to put my tech blog on the site is still on my mind.

Maybe I had to switch my mind to something else then websites. I started to read a book after I came back from Greece. This book was very interesting to read and opened my eyes. In fact I have to read it again and write down these thoughts which opened my eyes and share them.

In the meantime I reduced the pages on my site to a few. So I can make it more minimal. I want to have my site small, but easy to read for the visitors.

What coming up: In the upcoming weeks I will be traveling within Europe with my friend. We are going to visit the following countries which I and she didn’t visit yet Czech Rep. Slovakia, Hungary.  But 2 countries I’ve visited in the past: Poland and Austria.

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