Interesting technology, when you know you have Dyslexia.

Last Saturday 20th of October, I visited with a friend the Dutch Design Week. It displayed newly designs and also interesting technologies which are designed in The Netherlands.

One of these technology designs got my Interest. It was an app for mobile devices made by the following organization Oswald Labs ( They displayed an app which translates a speech by phone into text which is easy to follow in any language.

This gain my interest and I wanted to write some about it. I know from my nature that I’m dyslectic after they run tests on my when I was young. Now days it’s not less or more, but still with certain texts or writings I have to do I make mistakes which aren’t seen by myself but other might do.

They informed us on Saturday that next week the fully range of apps would be available in the app stores of Android and iOS. I am looking forward to try the apps and hope they can help me and of course many others.

I checked their website what kind of possibilities they have to offer I found an tooling for websites on their website. Which is a great initiative to bring on the market. I hope larger organizations like governments will support to make their sites accessible for their citizens

I signed recently up for the beta to try Web accessibility function ( of Oswald Labs to use it on my website.

A demo can be found with the following link: