Goodbye time taking apps

Since a few days I removed on my mobile devices some time taking apps. In the past year maybe years I slept quite bad. Took in the last couple of months some pills who helped some bit to sleep better. But i wanted to have more sleep.

It started a few days ago when i read a post on Linkedin about removing apps which were time taking of you productivity. So i started in my case to remove Facebook app. Still of course i use the Facebook messanger but this is communication to friends.

What is the question or purpose of this action. To see how your body reacts after you removed the time taking apps on your phone. In general this will be Facebook, instagram, maybe reddit and or youtube.

2 of these apps i removed a few days ago Facebook and Reddit). I noticed some differences, no need to check facebook before sleeping or other random things what you going to do before sleeping.

Now i’m thinking to go some more steps ahead. Putting all time taking apps which i still use in a seperate folder, and put it on a difficult location to find.

I hope i can reach the moment that i restart to read books again. In the past i started a book called “Ikigai”, nevertheless i still ddin’t finished it. it’s not a difficult book or many pages. it’s basically the distraction and the motivation which stops me of reading this book. 

In the upcoming weeks i’m hoping to seel some result of this action.